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Jennifer H.

Dr. G and Red Rocks Animal Center is the best veterinary I have experienced! Dr. G is so knowledgable and so kind and does an amazing job with every ailment our dogs have had! One issue was Daisy’s anal glands were infected and were always in need of being drained. In speaking with Dr. G, he recommended anal gland removal surgery. I was hesitant as any surgery can cause anxiety; however, it was the best decision! It was an easy surgery and recovery was quick! Daisy has not had any issues since and it has been much better for both Daisy and the remainder of the family 🙂 Thank you!!

Cherie K.

This is the only place I will bring my two beloved rescued pups!! Dr. G is AMAZING, patient and kind! I call him the “dog whisperer!” My 13 year old Roxy dog has cancer and last October, when 2 other vets said it wasn’t worth spending the $$ and risky to have Roxy’s lumps removed, Dr. G took my baby in, took her lumps out, and also did some much needed dental work!! My Roxy is still hanging in there, thanks to the MIRACLE that is Dr. G and Red Rocks Animal Center!! They deserve 10 stars, at least! #bestvetever #weloveredrocksanimalcenter #drgisthebestvetindenver

Lindsey D.

Our dog become sick early morning with stomach issues and we took her to two Emergency vet hospitals and two regular scheduled vets. All of which unfortunately were giving us no answers or direction on how to resolve our dogs stomach issues. After 5 stressful days of no answers and ridiculously over priced visits we were feeling frustrated until I called Red Rocks Animal Center from a recommendation. They took her same day, did surgery on her stomach & removed a ball of grass that was causing an obstruction. We are so very grateful for the staff and Veterinarians who took great care of our dog and the fair affordable prices! We live on the other side of town and will definitely be taking our dog back for routine check ups. Highly recommended!

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John S.

Our cat recently had temporary paralysis in his tail which was also affecting his ability to urinate.  We brought him in to Dr. G after a referral from my sister-in-law.  She told us that he would know what to do.  The doctor took care of our cat very speedily and with great care.  After awakening from having been put under so his bladder could be emptied, a catheter put in and the infamous “cone-of-shame” put on, my poor kitty started freaking out.  Dr. G came directly over put his hand on him and told him it was okay and my cat (territorial male, hisses at strangers) immediately was calm, quit thrashing about and relaxed.   When my Sis-In-Law said he was wonderful with animals, she was right.  I would just like to point out that we have a 24 clinic right down the street from us, and I would still rather drive across town.  Yes, his prices are amazing, but the love that he gives to your pet is beyond measure.  I highly recommend Dr. G. Take your pet in, you won’t be disappointed.

C. W.

They always educate me on what’s best for my pets and give me great advice on ways to help them live a long, healthy, and happy life.  I’m thankful for all that they do.  The office was very easy to locate.  I didn’t have any trouble finding it at all.   I am going to refer everyone I know here.  I absolutely love this place.

Gina T.

Dr. G (Gennadiy Chepelevich, DVM) is amazing!  Best Vet ever hands down!  I highly recommend Dr. G… Dr. G is definitely not a Vet to make money but because he really cares about animals.  You can see it in the way he reacts with the animals and how they respond to him.  You will NOT be disappointed. Bottom line, the animals always come first in Dr. G’s eyes!

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