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Due to high demand of abdominal diagnostic procedures we are happy to present an in-house abdominal ultrasound. We are now performing the ultrasounds for more affordable price since we no longer dependent on an out of clinic ultrasonographers. Although we do still offer the option to send out the ultrasound images to a board certified ultrasonographer.


Ultrasounds are a great way to see underlying problems that may not be visible on an x-ray such as:

  • detailed picture of each abdominal organ
  • gastrointestinal foriegn objects
  • abdominal masses and their localization
  • small organs such as:
    • adrenal glands
    • pancreas
    • abdominal lymph nodes

-and variety of pathologies concise with them

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA)

The other useful feature that is opened to us with an ultrasound is the possibility of performing a Fine Needle Aspiration. FNA is a noninvasive technique which allows us to get cell material from the organ we are exploring. Whit the FNA we can determine what kind of pathological changes the affected organ has.


In-house abdominal ultrasound320
In-house abdominal ultrasound + board certified examination (4-6 h wait time)350
In-house abdominal ultrasound + board certified examination (1-2 h wait time)390
Focused in-house abdominal ultrasound150
Focused in-house abdominal ultrasound + board certified examination250
X-ray + Abdominal Ultrasound370
X-ray + Abdominal Ultrasound + board certified examination420
Ultrasound guided FNA (with microscopic interpretation)200
Full Abdominal Ultrasound + FNA (with microscopic interpretation)400
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