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Dr. Gundula Wolf

Dr. Gundula Wolf

Dr. Gundula Wolf

Dr. Wolf was born and grew up in Eastern Germany (formerly known as the German Democratic Republic), where she spent two decades of her life trapped in the Soviet Union occupied part of the then divided country. East Germany had become a satellite state to the former Soviet Union and was being ruled and governed by their communist ideology that was being strictly enforced by the Soviet military forces which were stationed in military bases all across East Germany.

Her unwavering love for animals and deeply rooted desire to care for them was a dominant force in her life that became apparent as soon as she could walk and began to talk. Any creature she came in contact with, she wanted to pick up and take home with her. As a young girl she desperately wished for a dog, yet her parent’s decision to decline her wishes remained firm for an entire decade. Instead and presumably in lieu of a dog she was given “dancing” mice, fish, hamsters, Guinea Pigs and a dwarf rabbit, whom she loved dearly, but her hearts desire for a dog never ceased. On her 10th birthday her persistence of begging her parents finally paid off, and a brand new English Cocker Spaniel puppy named Rex joined the family. The young, aspiring veterinarian and her dog became inseparable. Aside from school and study time she spent every free minute roaming the nearby forests and fields with him, carefully avoiding the Russian Military convoys that would utilize the beautiful natural forest settings for military training purposes and often crossed their path during their hikes together. The unconditional love of her dog helped her cope with the trauma of losing her father to aggressive cancer by the time she was only 14 years old, which left her mom to raise her and her younger sister by herself.

In November of 1989, after years of living with the restrictions enforced by the Russian occupancy and the constant threat of an impending Cold War, she became a participant and witness to the fall of the Berlin Wall which symbolized the end of the division of Germany, as well as the end of the Cold War era.

In the same year Germany when she was reunited, Dr. Wolf was in her first year of attending Alexander Humboldt University in Berlin, studying Veterinary Medicine. At that time, the formerly divided eastern and western parts of Berlin had founded two separate veterinary colleges, which were eventually combined into one single Veterinary Faculty, and Dr. Wolf received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from the newly established Freie Universität Berlin in Spring of 1995.

During her final college years, she took several opportunities to travel and intern in various veterinary hospitals during the semester breaks. Among others, she spent 2 months working in a mixed animal Veterinary Practice in New Braunfels, Texas – which made her fall in love with the people ( and one young US Marine Officer in particular), as well as the way of life and especially the sense of freedom she perceived here in the United States of America. As soon as she graduated, she packed her belongings, kissed her family goodbye and relocated to the United States, where she got married and spent the following 3 years working in an emergency veterinary hospital as a veterinary technician while studying and taking the required qualification tests in order to become licensed and to be able to work as a Veterinarian in the USA. After she obtained her ECFVG certification and passed the Texas State and National Board Exams, she finally was permitted to pursue her career as a Veterinarian in the United States of America. She proceeded for 5 years working in different Veterinary Hospitals as well as doing Veterinary Relief work during the times when tending to her growing number of children required her to be more flexible with her work schedule than regular work arrangements were able to accommodate. The birth of her third child made her realize how much she craved professional freedom and independence in order to make her life as a mother and that of a veterinary professional merge seamlessly. In 2004 she opened Lone Star Animal Clinic in Cedar Park, Texas. Although she faced immediate financial difficulties in the very beginning of her new career as a business owner, she did not get discouraged and collaborated with multiple local animal shelters and rescue groups in an effort to make the difference she had always dreamt of, while also trying to keep her hospital’s doors open.

Being able to create a flexible work schedule for herself, she not only made time for practicing her own, unique style of veterinary medicine but also freed up the time required to take care of and tend to the needs of her 3 young children.

Ultimately, she grew her small animal practice nicely and successfully over the course of the following 6 years.

In 2009, after a short vacation near Colorado Springs, she and her family reevaluated their options, when they unexpectedly fell in love with the beautiful state of Colorado.

They reconsidered the fate of the Animal Hospital that once again was struggling in-midst of the financial crisis that had started in early 2008.

Not without a heavy heart she made the bittersweet decision to close her “baby” – Lone Star Animal Clinic and merged her existing patient base with a larger, more affluent Animal Hospital nearby.

Dr. Wolf and her family moved to Littleton, Colorado in the summer of 2010, where she began to work as an Associate Veterinarian for Columbine Animal Hospital while her 3 children, one daughter, and two sons, attended Ken Caryl Middle School and Columbine High School, respectively. Unfortunately, her 20-year marriage ended in 2015 with a divorce, and after relocating to the Highlands Ranch Area she began to look for different veterinary positions in other areas of town.

She had met Dr. G many years earlier and had continued to stay in touch with him. In 2017, after he had tried to recruit her for more than 4 years, Dr. Wolf finally joined the Red Rocks Animal Center team and has not regretted her decision ever since.

Two of her three kids are attending college by now and her youngest son is about to graduate from Columbine High School. With her kids moving on and out of the “nest”, she suddenly has much more time at her hands, than she is used to having. In her spare time, Dr. Wolf is obsessed with working out and lifting weights at 24 Hour Fitness and has competed and won multiple NPC Bodybuilding competitions in the Woman’s Figure Division.

She also enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and skiing as well as quiet creative times at home, doing hobby photography and writing fiction and animal stories for children. She lives in The Backcountry in Highlands Ranch, together with her current life partner and his twelve-year-old son. They own two English Bulldogs named Bitzy and Boris who turned out to be perfect companions to accompany their owners – both now retired bodybuilding competitors, on a leisurely stroll around the lake nearby.
Life is good, really, really good!

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